Research & Development

Create Tool conducts in-house research and development in the pursuit of even higher product quality and performance.
Create Tool uses a vertical machining center to conduct in-house performance testing and verification of cutting tools. This allows us to further improve the quality and performance of our products.
Vertical machining center
Okuma Corporation / MB-56VA
Compared with the Hi-Cut feature that controls the speed, this machining center provides even shorter processing times by controlling the speed and acceleration. In addition, it is equipped with the world’s first-ever “acceleration controller for curved surfaces”, allowing the machining center to provide a high-speed NC feature (Super-NURBS) that enables high-precision, high-grade processing of any kind of shape, including everything from parts machining to curved surface machining. The machining center is used to analyze the performance of cutting tools as well as for research and development.
Features of the vertical machining center

* Movement range

* Through spindle coolant
Select from 1.5 MPa, 7.0 MPa or high flow 7.0 MPa.
25,000 min-1 specification only adaptable to HSK-A63. 
3,5000 min-1 specification (HSK-F63) is adaptable.
* High speed main spindle
MB-VB(#50) 12,000min-1

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