The plant is kept at a constant temperature all year round, allowing us to produce consistently high quality products throughout the year.

A reputation for high-quality cutting tools.
Create Tool employs leading-edge technology to design and produce products to match specific customer cutting conditions and needs, from small lots to mass production. With an excellent reputation for small-lot production of custom-made tools and end mill repolishing, we are widely known as end mill fabrication specialists.
[ Equipment ]
* Programming simulation software
* High-precision CNC tool grinding machine
* Super-high-precision 9-axis tool grinding machine
* General purpose grinding machine
* Cylindrical grinding machine
* NC tool grinding machine
High precision born of rigorous quality control.
Create Tool maintains the highest level of tool cutting performance through stringent quality control and proprietary technology. We utilize a wide variety of different coatings to ensure a long tool life and the versatility needed to handle everything from soft materials to very hard materials.
[ Equipment ]
* Measurement equipment
* Optical noncontact measurement equipment

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