CTC System

Do you have problems with your cutting tools?
Do you feel a need to reassess cutting tool costs?
Are you seeking improved performance?
Do you want to reduce running costs?
Is greater durability important to you?
Has your special order tool supplier gone out of business? Is it difficult to find what you need?
Have you been mistakenly led to believe there are no 
differences in cost, performance, and durability among cutting tools?
If you have such concerns about your cutting tools, Create Tool has the answer!
Solve your problems with the CTC System!
Create Tool's unique diagnostics systemcan solve your problems.
Create Tool is dedicated to providing prompt support by working closely together as a partner with customers. Under the unique CTC System, we start by comprehensively surveying the customer's machine and work conditions from every aspect, then analyze problem areas related to their cutting tools. This detailed analysis enables us to design a tool perfectly matched to the customer's specific applications and usage environment. Utilizing Create Tool's wealth of cutting tool design and fabrication expertise, the CTC System is able to pinpoint each customer's problems and provide a cutting tool capable of solving those problems.
CTC system steps to resolving problems
Examples of our cutting tools' success in various industries

We will introduce successful examples from a number of different industries, where we have succeeded in providing customers with the ideal cutting tools, contributing to increase efficiency and reduce costs.


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